Integrations department

Integrations department

The Hess Group is a family run company with a diverse corporate culture. The road to success is led by living by this diversity in culture!

A wonderful symbiosis, when looking at the diversity in our staff, has been attained through the hiring of 28 employees with an integration background, at our headquarters in Cologne where we employ approximately 500 employees.

Ten of the 28 staff members with disabilities have been working in the Integration department which was established with the support of the Inventory Management System department, since 2013. There are a variety of disabilities: There are those who are autistic, the deaf. people with physical disabilities or learning difficulties and also those suffering from psychological duress.

A staff member who was solely hired for this department as an Integration Commissioner and looks after their needs, has been employed since 2014. The company also engages itself as a volunteer in the Diversity task force of the Cologne based Chamber of Commerce. The company had already signed the „Diversity Charter“ at a very early stage- this is a voluntary commitment to tolerance and respect towards those perceived as being of a different nature.

The Executive Management of the Hess Group fully agrees that social engagement towards people with a disability is very important and worthwhile. Even if „worthwhile“ does not necessarily mean in regard to key figures, the diversity at Hess is perceived as a value added and is therefore written in capital letters. And finally, this also means that it is an opportunity to employ motivated and qualified staff members who might have been at a disadvantage on the „regular“ job market.

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